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AppleTV 2 (black) - Crashes and tv shows not updating

I've been using Eden (and pre-Eden) releases of XBMC on my appleTV 2, not without some issues.

Platform: AppleTV 2
Version of iOS/ATV: iOS 4.3 build 8F305 /w Apple TV software 4.2.2
XBMC Build version and date compiled: 11.0 GIT:20120321-14FEB09 (21/03/2012)
Install Method: apt-get, like in the faq

I have log files here:

though I tried to find what's wrong with it it's somewhat cryptic, sorry. :S

So, issues:
- It is crashing when trying to view the movie "les visiteurs".
- One other thing is that it is not working properly is the tv shows library update (new shows only appear after I get them through ember media manager on my PC). I'm thinking it could be something related to file permissions, but I haven't found anything strange on the network drive.
- It also crashes randomly while browsing the GUI (in and out movies, or tv shows, anything that demands some workload...), but this happens either with refocus or with the default theme.


Hmmm... Any additional info I should post...? Thanks

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