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Eden Crash on files with DD/DTS

Running 11.0 from the DMG on OSX 10.7.3 on an i7 Hackintosh with GA-X58A-UD3R and a RadeonHD 5850. XBMC crashes at start of playback on files with DTS or DD audio streams with both onboard and my PCI-E X-Fi Titanium HD.

        <audiodevice>Line Out (Green Rear)</audiodevice>

That is from the guisetting.xml - it is what I believe is the audio settings. I am trying to play it back over the analog 2 channel output from either my onboard or my X-Fi, and neither work.

Any idea what the problem is? Thank you.
Turn off VDA decoding.
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(2012-04-01, 07:30)jmarshall Wrote: Turn off VDA decoding.

Thank you!

Eden Crash on files with DD/DTS00