How to add recently added music videos to home screen?
Does anyone have an example of how to add recently added music videos, in addition to TV episodes and movies to the home screen of confluence vertical?
Copy the way recently added videos have been done, but use "LatestMusicVideo" instead of "LatestMovie"
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Thanks for the help. I got the music videos to appear, but they are still under the label "Latest Movies" and there is no slide effect when a music video is highlighted (all have .tbn posters).

Here is my code

Thanks for the help.
Sorry Dude, I don't have time to code it for you right now, maybe during the week if I get a chance.
Convergence is similar you could try and copy code from there.
After a quick look at your code (And I'd have to check this) it looks like the visible conditions are still set for the Video menu option
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@ihaterich, howzit - give me a bit more info on what you want, eg when do you the music videos to show etc. a screenshot would be brilliant, you could scribble on it what you want.
Noli illegitimi carborundum

Thanks for the help.

I've managed to get it looking how I want, with all three gadgets showing up when Video is selected. My only problems are the "Latest Music Videos" gadget is marked "Latest Movies," and there is no slide effect when scrolling through the list of music videos (i.e. the Bush poster remains even if Lady Gaga is selected).

I've noticed highlighting a music video also highlights a movie under "Latest Movies," like they are connected in some way.

Here is the code I'm using:

Thanks again
Ok have run through your code and have some changes for you, bear in mind I haven't tested it so may have forgotten something - if it doesn't work let me know Smile

Firstly I got line numbers by pasteing the raw data from yor pastebin into notepad++ so they are not the pastebin line numbers

To edit the title change <label>31323</label> on line 242 to <label>20389</label> which should be Music videos. If you're like me and want a capital "v" you could just change it to <label>Music Videos</label> or whatever you want, bearing in mind that this would now be hard coded and not change with different languages.

To seperate the list from "Latest Movies" change the List ID from 8000 to something else eg 7999. So on line 293 <control type="list" id="8000"> must be <control type="list" id="7999">
Now you'll want to be able to scroll the list so just below you'll find


Change them to

<onleft>9000</onleft> - goes back to main menu
<onright>8000</onright> - goes to latest movies
<onup>7999</onup> - goes up Music Videos
<ondown>7999</ondown> - goes down Music Videos

Line number 334 now needs to change from <visible>!Control.HasFocus(8000)</visible> to <visible>!Control.HasFocus(7999)</visible>

Also 342 from <visible>Control.HasFocus(8000)</visible> to <visible>Control.HasFocus(7999)</visible> ( note different to 334 as no ! )

By the way like your use of $ESCINFO Welldone !!

Line 85 we need to change from <onleft>9000</onleft> to <onleft>7999</onleft> because on going left from Latest movies we want to go to Music Videos not Main Menu

Now you need to edit Home.xml to tell it that on right press you want to go to Music Videos before Latest Movies so line 380 change <onright>8000</onright> to <onright>7999</onright> and also the same on line 434

Noli illegitimi carborundum

Thanks so much for your help. All your changes worked, and with a little more trial and error I got the slide effect working as well.

Thanks again!
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