Newbie here - so please be kind.

I am very interested in the ID82 (leaning towards the Plus Version but not scared of the barebones if the price is right)

I currently have an ATV2 which runs XBMC fine but I would like a full blown PC under the TV:

My requirements are:

Ability to do Skype Video calls to mainly Windows users
Netflix full HD
Perhaps a Plex Media Server

The files will be attached to 2 2TB drives via USB2.0 and the whole setup will eventually utilise an existing gbit Ethernet Connection that runs directly to the router (Apple Airport Extreme).

All of my files are to date DVD rips and considering the recent online offerings from Netflix, Lovefilm, NowTV and all the catchup services in the UK, I can see myself halting the DVD rips and just rely on subscription services for most of my viewing (hence why Netflix etc are listed above)

I am not afraid of Linux but i understand Netflix = Win7 and i think the same goes for Lovefilm. This is not such a huge show stopper as we have a Macbook in the house (as well as an Xbox 360) as well which can do Airplay mirroring to the ATV2 very nicely. The main 'other' function i will be using the ID82 will be Skype HD calls with an external webcam. But mainly it will be my XBMC driver.

I was contemplating the barebones edition and adding a 64GB SSD from Crucial (http://www.crucial.com/uk/store/mpartspe...B0A5CA7304) and up the RAM to at least 8GB for now.

I like the idea of Linux and i hear it works better with the i3 processor in the zbox with regards to hardware decoding.

I read Eskro's very helpful advice in these forums and he seems to be endorsing the little Zbox.

Do you think the ID82 will do everything i want it to do at this point with a recent future proofness of say 3-4 years?

Linux or WIndows 7? Edit: How is the driver installation for Linux Ubuntu? I know the WiFi Card is patchy but I am planning to use ethernet so not particularly bothered.

The whole set up is hooked up to Panasonic V20 Plasma 42" and a Yamaha A810 receiver with some Monitor Audio Radius R90HD 10 speakers.

Your help and advice is always Appreciated


can you get these in the uk yet? i can only find the ID82+ for about £400, i want a the £300 barebones, otherwise i might as well buy another mac mini.
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