Win Removing Unknown Files picked up on XBMC
When I add new contents (Videos) to XBMC, at times it might retrieve the wrong information.

This can be fixed by pressing the 'i' key and then using the reload option. There are some instance where it picks up some unknown file and retrieves the information for it, which is incorrect.

I tried the removing source option, clean library option but the file still remains.

I can press 'Del' to remove it, but it would then remove the physical file itself, which I don't want to happen.

Is there a better way to do this?

I am using the current stable version of XBMC
When manually scraping... you can see that there are many different movies with the same name or very similar... The solution for most of us, is to put the date after the file name (usually we name the folder properly, and have the folder scraped ) so 'Rambo' becomes 'Rambo (1982)' and XBMC now hides the date after the scrape. I've used theRenamer and it works surprisingly well and appends the correct date, if renamer has an issue... then XBMC will probably have the same issue.

Now to your issue... if there is a file, that XBMC interprets as a valid video file, it will scrape it and assign most likely movie... (and in a lot of cases it will use just a few letters from the file name title and can get it wrong... but named properly it's almost 99% right). But in that 1% area, as you have found... manually scraping with the 'I' information command, should also show the path... and exact file name. Once you see the real file name you can either move it outside the XBMC scraping area; rename the file extension so it doesn't look like a video; exclude it with a folder attributed in the settings to 'do not scan'; or create a listing in your user advanced settings to ignore specific filenames. Whatever suits your fancy and a settings/video/cleanup should eliminate the extra art... If you've corrected the source issue..., subsequent update scrapes will be clean.

Developers have promised full AI scraping in the much distant roadmap but you will need IBM's BigBlue for hardware Smile
(2012-04-02, 08:33)avngl Wrote: I can press 'Del' to remove it, but it would then remove the physical file itself, which I don't want to happen.

No it won't, it will only delete it from xbmc's database. It will not touch the original file.

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Removing Unknown Files picked up on XBMC00
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