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[Image browser] Recursive Folder icons

Image browser, case of folder (ex. 2012) containing no pics but only subfolders containing some pics (say 01, 02,...).
Currently the base folder (2012) doesn't get a folder Icon since there are no pics. I'd like it to get some icon based on the folder Icons of the subfolders - either the first subfolder Icon or better a recursion (composition of the first 4 subfolder icons instead of a composition of 4 pics), in order to indicate only subfolders are present.

Or is this a case for the skin developer? I'm running vanilla confluence.

Thank you for your time.
Put a folder.jpg in there.
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Thank you, good enough for a work around.
Still a recursive dynamic pic generation as with folders-containing-pics would be quite nice. Maybe more easy with a depth-first generation.

[Image browser] Recursive Folder icons00