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Windows backend
I have a BGT3620. Could you recommend any software that will work happily in Windows 7 that has a plugin for an XBMC PVR build? DVB-T2 handling is a requirement.
check out 4theRecord ( - it also has it's own android/iPhone app to schedule recordings and also has a really good scheduling system.
Seconding 4TR, it's awesome. Note, however, that the version you will need is currently in beta which only donators have access to.

That said 4TR is worth donating to sight unseen in my opinion (I am not affiliated with them). It's the best Windows tv server/scheduler around and the web interface is the best, period. I think they have one up on commercial software like Tivo, even.

If you need analog card support or their tv server doesn't support your particular card brand you can use the MediaPortal TV server back end with it, and just use FTR for the scheduling. Yes, this combo works with XBMC, I use it with XBMCBuntu on two HTPC's.
Thanks for the recommendation. I'll give it a whirl. Does 4therecord work nicely with DVB T2?

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