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3d on passive tv though pc
hello, i was told u guys really knew your stuff, so ill see if i can get some help with some 3d questions i have.

well i just bought a 55lw650 passive lg tv, wich can handle sds 3d files to convert into a 3d image.

but some ppl say "u must have powerdvd to play 3d content" although ive gotten the exakt same result with vlc, it just plays sds normally

well, i cant even press the 3d button on powerdvd when my tv is connected, just says something about device not supported, but when i just let it play the movie sds, and enable my 3d on the tv, it converts it into 3d.

is this 3d worse since it wasnt converted by the program ?

also, wich "releases" of 3d movies can i hypothetically play for output on my passive tv set ?

i noticed some releases didnt use sds, is this 3d as good ?

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3d on passive tv though pc00