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Windows - PVR Build/Plugin Stability Question
I've, as of last night, gotten the MediaPortal back end/plugin working in the latest PVR Build of XBMC. I love that I no longer need to switch away from XBMC to watch live TV, but I do have one concern that maybe people with more experience can confirm or deny. The plugin and builds themselves as I understand are to be taken as 'beta' at best, and warn about potential instability. These warning make me leery of switching from the official Eden build to the PVR Eden build as my daily driver, so to speak.
  1. Is the instability only related to Live TV functionality, or are there differences in the PVR builds that could (and do) affect stability of other areas of XBMC?
  2. How unstable are the plugin/pvr build? In real-world usage, is it constantly crashing or hanging XBMC?
  3. Are there known scenarios/actions with MediaPortal(or any/all plugins/back-ends) that cause issues?
The latest Eden 11.0 (final) + PVR build should be stable enough for daily usage.
Except for the PVR additions, it should behave similar to the official Eden build.
I forgot to remove that warning from my website. It was true for older versions before the Eden beta's.

The Live TV part may occasionally trigger a deadlock (hanging) or even crash although I have not experienced them recently in the Live TV part myself.
I case you encounter serious problems, please let us know. (Preferably with a debug XBMC.log file posted on pastebin).
Developer of the MediaPortal PVR addon and retired developer of the Argus-TV PVR-addon.
Very good to know. Thanks for the reply. I'll definitely report any issues with accompanying debug log.

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