Will the latest Alaska skin work with XBMC 11.0 EDEN?
If so, where can I get it. I have Apple TV 2nd Generation with XBMC 11.0 Eden and want to get this skin back up and running. Could someone please point me to where I can get the file in order to install it. Is Alaska Revisited the latest version?

Thanks guys!
I'm using Alaska Revisited with Eden, it can be downloaded from the repository here, or if that doesnt work (it didnt work for me and a few others), you can download it directly here.
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thanks for the help, but could you explain to me how this is suppose to work? Do i add the repo url into the add ons section under XBMC? or do I have to manually dl the file and upload it via ssh or ftp to my appleTV and then run it from XBMC?
Manually download the file, then upload it to your ATV2.

If you FTP; username: mobile, password: alpine | Your home folder is var/mobile/ | Upload it in it's zip form and then in XBMC go to addons and "Install from zip" and select home folder and you should see the file to install.
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Thanks so much.
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Will the latest Alaska skin work with XBMC 11.0 EDEN?00