eden crash when turn off hdmi connected tv while playing video
my specs is amd llano a6 3500, windows 7

xbmc will crash when i turn off tv while playing video. tv is connected through hdmi.

this is the log when i turn off tv

08:01:54 T:3604 ERROR: CThread:ConfusedtaticThread : Access violation at 0x06d59cfa: Reading location 0x03b40084
08:01:54 T:3604 NOTICE: thread end: CDVDPlayerAudio::OnExit()
08:01:57 T:4720 WARNING: CRenderManager::FlipPage - timeout waiting for flip to complete
08:01:59 T:4720 WARNING: CDVDMessageQueue(video)::Get - asked for new data packet, with nothing available
08:02:30 T:3160 NOTICE: SKIN == True

every time xbmc crashed, i have to remotely access my htpc to restart xbmc.
is there a way to prevent this or make xbmc autorestart when crashed?

Definitely not a graceful fail - do a Trac ticket and you can cc CrystalP and myself.
System: XBMC HTPC with HDMI WASAPI & AudioEngine - Denon  AVR-3808CI  - Denon DVD-5900 Universal Player  - Denon DCM-27 CD-Changer
- Sony BDP-S580 Blu-Ray  - X-Box 360  - Android tablet wireless remote - 7.1 Streem/Axiom/Velodyne Surround System
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I have the exact same problem. I have Win7 32bit, Gigabyte GA-EG45M-DS2H motherboard, no grapicscard (onboard), Eden. Have computer connected to a receiver with HDMI, Pioneer VSX-92, and then connected with HDMI to TV (Pioneer). If I power off TV or receiver when running a movie or playing music, XBMC will crash. Need to close XBMC with task manager when it crashes.If I'm not running anything it will work without any problems.
Same problem with Win 7 64b on an nvidia ION 1 motherboard (Zotac)
I'd like to shutdown TV when playing music but XBMX crashes.

I first thought it was due to HDMI channel interrupted between PC-Receiver-TV or the resolution resize from 1080p to VGA.
So I tried in windowed mode, didn't work.
Then tried to pause, shut off TV, resume. still no luck.
Same issue here to!

If I leave XBMC running with a video playing and turn off my Denon 1610. When I turn my Denon back on XBMC crashes to my desktop and I have to restart XBMC.
Also if I use the option "Use full screen rather then true full screen" XBMC does not crash when I turn my Denon back on however the video is running really really slow! Stopping the video and restarting it fixes it.

Will this be fixed?
I also have the same issue when I switch off my AV AMP (Yamaha RXV671).

Running Eden on a Revo Windows 7 32bit, Intel Atom 1.8Ghz

Anyone have any fixes yet?
This seems to be the same issue i am having.
Anyone come up with a fix?
Same problem for me, xbmc crashes as soon as you turn off the tv power. Quite annoying as I'd like to use xbmc to just play music without the screen on to save power. I'm connected to a Pioneer kuro 9g plasma via Pioneer receiver. Any fix greatly appreciated.
I also have this problem, it's widely reported over the web.
Had the same problems with ATI & Nvidia cards - seems windows gets upset when the hdmi chain gets interrupted!

I've gone back to using optical spdif for now. I suppose it won't really matter to me until teh stable release include HD audio though..
I had the same problem, can confirm it has been fixed in the nightlies.

Either give a nightly build a try or hang on for the next official release! Smile
Hi All,ust to report that is still happening in Frodo RC3 and nightlies... Any definitive solutions yet?
hi guys,

just want to say that i also face what seems to be a similar problem.
mac mini connected through hdmi to an lg tv with frodo.as soon as i close the tv xbmc restarts mac.
I'm saying xbmc because if xbmc's not running then mac does not restart...

hope somebody can figure something out.

Can you run a different app to send video to the TV, and test with that application running to see what happens?
Read this before using these builds.
thanks for the response, i'll try it today & let you know.

I did however try something yesterday & set xbmc to put the display to sleep prior to closing the tv (previously it was set to never sleep).
So the display was put to sleep first then the tv shut down and after i turned it back on no restart had taken place (i tested this three times).

It's as if the crash takes place once it's video source is interrupted by directly closing the tv (at least now in my case i have an option!)
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