"Media" tag support for music files
This is half a feature request and also half a question, but I figured I'd dump it here in case the answer is no (which from my little research about XBMC, I think is the case, but not sure, still new to XBMC, so please be gentle!).

So, I recently bought an Acer Aspire Revo, brand new TV, TV cabinet, wireless mini keyboard remote, etc, and decided to make the plunge into the land of awesomeness that is XBMC, after following the project for a while and being green-faced looking at everyone's awesome XBMC setups! So far, I'm loving it, and still playing around a lot with setting up my system in the living room. Thankyou all the hard working developers who have contributed to XBMC, it's fantastic software!

I noticed one plugin manager called cdART Manager, which downloads among other things, media art (or disc covers, or whatever you like to call it!), for songs so that they'll be displayed in that little spinning disc icon that sticks out of the album art picture while a song is playing. Love this feature, and can't wait to get it happening on my whole music collection!

Of course, for this to work one would need disc cover art for every single song in their library. Which is fantastic for me, because I've been pretty anal about my music collection! XD

All my songs are well sorted in a folder structure of artist/album/track, extensively tagged, and I have "front", "back", and "disc" art in each folder, in separate image files as well as embedded in the mp3/flac files in the image tags "cover (back)" "cover (front)" and "media". (Yeah, bloats the size of my music library a lot, but oh well! worth it! My next goal is to add lyrics information to my collection!)

XBMC seems to pick up the album covers with no problem, not sure if it's using the images from the files or from the tags, but at least one of them is being picked up, I'm guessing the tags since I think my front cover image files are named wrong for XBMC to pick up (no worries, hence why I got the image files embedded as well as in files, just for situations like this!).

But I was wondering if it's possible to get XBMC to use the CD art ("media" image tags) as well? I'd be happy for a work around that uses the "disc.jpg|png" image files for now, but what I'm hoping for is support for that "media" image tag on MP3's and hopefully FLACs. Big Grin

Regardless of the answer, thanks for the responses!

PS: If you're not sure what I mean by "media" image tags, check out http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ID3#ID3v2_E..._Extension , it's the "Media" tag under that which I'm referring to. I believe that FLAC has almost identical image tags as well from my short googling on the subject?

(If this is possible without a workaround, this thread could be moved into another category)
It's skin dependent - check Transparancy for one as a skin supporting CDArt.
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