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Hey guys anyone got a recommendation for a bedroom HTPC. I want it as small/quiet as possible but be able to play 60 fps 720p rips. Got a ATV2 now but all late night talk shows wont run.
"ATV2 now but all late night talk shows wont run. "

Wha? what won't run? Using wireless? ATV2 should run anything that's not some full blu ray monster. I've gotten 30gig rips running fine hardwired.
Most late night talk shows are 720p rips @ 60fps. ATV2 cant run them Sad
The ATV2 is an ARM CPU with PowerVR GPU. If the software/driver can't offload to the GPU it's going to try to run it through the teeny little ARM CPU. I have a Atom D2700/PowerVR board that can't handle Netflix HD because Silverlight can't use the GPU right and the CPU can't handle it. That's Windows of course but same issues no matter what OS - does the software use the GPU -- if not it'll use the CPU so it better be up to task.

I would think at the cheap end a H61/G530 with the right drivers would run circles around any rip you could throw at it. Even if the GPU isn't used the CPU would handle it no issues.

I have a ATV 1 with a crystal HD card in my bedroom running CrystalBuntu. It has no problem with all my 720p content. This includes Late Show with David Letterman, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, Saturday Night Live, etc.

The setup cost me $110. ATV1 from Craigslist, Crystal HD card from Logic Supply. It's definitely not the snappiest GUI, but it plays all my content just fine.
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It must definitely be a software issue then. By the name 'CrystalBuntu' it sounds like software optimized for the CrystalHD chip and it runs fine. The next gen should run fine then if the software is supporting it right. OP, I don't think your issue is hardware.
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