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Visibility for Label
Hello to all. I have a problem with a label that i don't want to show if the item is a file or addon, but show when is a movie or tvshow.
My code for the control:
<control type="label">
<description>list item label 2</description>
<visible>[[Container.Content(movies) | Container.Content(episodes)] + !Container.Content(files)]+ !SubString(Container.FolderPath,plugin://)</visible>

But in the file view of Videos i see the label. Where is my error ?
If a video file has been scanned to the library then it'll be classed as a movie or episode even in File view so you'll need to narrow it down more.

<visible>[Container.Content(movies) + [SubString(Container.FolderPath,videodb://1/) | SubString(Container.FolderPath,videodb://4/)]] | [Container.Content(episodes) + [SubString(Container.FolderPath,videodb://2/) | SubString(Container.FolderPath,videodb://5/)]]</visible>

List of available menus for the libraries -
Also a lot of addons set the container content to movies wrongly so they can show some plot info
Hitcher, the folder with the items is "marked" as movie folder, but the content is not scanned. Is ok for me to have the label when the item is a scanned movie. Can you explain more the example you wrote, i don't understand fully.

Jezz, the addon part is filtered well with !SubString(Container.FolderPath,plugin:// i think.


I found the solution with this:
<visible>[[Container.Content(movies) | Container.Content(episodes)] + SubString(Container.FolderPath,videodb://] + !SubString(Container.FolderPath,plugin://)</visible>

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