How to get to Video- Add Ons ?

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uomiarz Offline
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I am new to android remote.
Friend of mine just got this shiny new ASUS tablet and he installed XBMC remote on it.
I get it to work for him but I have no idea how to get to Video Add Ons?

Music add ons are available (Music->files) but Video add ons doesn't show up (Movies->files)

I tried to add video add ons to favorites and then run it from android remote.
But it looks like favorites are not available from remote.

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wes paich Offline
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you can't access the add ons directly in the remote. you must be looking at xbmc on screen and using the remote control to navigate on screen to add ons. sorry, awkward wording.....
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freezy Offline
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Yeah, add-on support is still in the works.

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illiac4 Offline
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Will there be any progress for this? It will be useful when you would just like to activate f.e. Radio plug-in to listen the music (no need to turn on TV).
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ndxtg Offline
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me too, is there any progress for this? I just want to use LiveStream plugin to listen to some rtmp radios.
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wes paich Offline
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dunno if this will help with the stations that you listen to, but i save a pls file for the radio streams that i like, in a folder in the library. it's then accessible thru file view. i can even make a playlist of them and switch back and forth in playlist view. hope this helps.
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