Advanced Library Filtering

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Montellese Offline
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The IMDB number is currently not available as a smartplaylist filter. One of the reasons is that it's not guaranteed to be an IMDB number, it could also be a TMDB ID depending on the scraper that is being used. Furthermore it's not really a value which a user would type into a smartplaylist rule by hand.

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wellspokenman Offline
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OK no worries - I can just dump it out to a big array via json each time. Better than sql connect.
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malvinas2 Offline
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Hello Montellese,

in case you are still following the thread, I would like to ask you for your support regarding my question posted a few days ago:

In another thread you wrote that "Advanced Library Filtering is only meant for doing one-time filters while you browse your library",
but in my opinion the process of 'browsing the library' is not (always) completed just by having started a movie. Often I start a movie with the tag "Brasil", watch a few
seconds, just to arrive after all at the conclusion that I would prefer another movie (with the same tag, wherefore a still enabled filter would be advantageous.

Is it possible to realise this behaviour?

Thank you, malvinas2
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