Disks did not spindown
I have install xbmcbuntu.
The HDs connected not spindown.
Using command "sudo hdparm -y /dev/sdc" the disk go to sleep.
When use "sudo hdparm -S 5 /dev/sdc" infrom me that will go to sleep after 25 sec nothing hapens.
Any ideas?
Only I have the problem to auto sleep hard drives?
By default the disks auto sleep after some time of idle in xbmcbuntuHuh
I'd like to bring to this old topic back from the dead because I found no other info. I have a similar problem and the drives on my box never spindown by themselves.
I have 3 drives in my box- one is the root filesystem and two others are for media storage. I want to stop only the storage disks. I used all recommendation from the http://info4admins.com/tips-to-spindown-...or-ubuntu/. I also monitored drive activities with iotop, so I knew that the disks were not accessed. Still they stayed active. When forcing the standby state with hdparm -y the disks will comply and stay there, further conforming that they are not accessed. How can I make them to spindown after inactivity?
I use http://hd-idle.sourceforge.net/
Thanks, but your solution is aimed on the external USB drives, mine are internal SATA.
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