Windows - Cannot put PC with XBMC to sleep
I have Atom/ION based HTPC running Windows 7 32-bit and latest Eden version of XBMC. I have eHome USB IR receiver and Harmony 200 remote configured as MCE Remote. The remote can wake computer and all buttons operate fine except that nothing happens when I press the Power Off button. HTPC does not go to sleep. In Control Panel I have it setup so the power button puts computer to sleep. IR receiver blinks when the Power Off button is pressed on the remote but no action is visible on the XBMC/PC.

Any ideas how to fix that?

I am assuming S3 standby is enabled in your bios. One of the first things I install on all my Windows based HTPC builds is called MCE Standby Tool by Slick Solutions. I find it's great for enabling, setting up and solving various standby issues.

The beta version works for windows 7
Thanks for reply. I guess I forgot to mention that if I use the power button on the HTPC case, the computer goes to sleep nicely. It is just that the remote does not put it to sleep.
The software I mentioned will list all the devices that can wake the computer and will enable/disable them.

On a second note. What IR receiver are you using? Is it an eHome? How do you have your remote setup? What remote do you have?
That's my setup.
(2012-04-06, 02:47)drabina Wrote: I have eHome USB IR receiver and Harmony 200 remote configured as MCE Remote.

I will try the application you linked to and see if I can troubleshoot the problem.
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