Improved UPnP serving and client

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(2016-01-03 12:05)Montellese Wrote:  When you want to play something you need to open the context menu and use the "Play with..." option which should give you a list of internal and UPnP players.


I was disappointed to find that "Play using..." is not available when selecting a folder, only when selecting a specific title, but I can make do with that limitation. Smile

For some reason my receiver (Marantz SR7009) went into a broken state when Kodi started it up from standby: It seemed to keep dropping the network connection, only the rear surround speakers were making sound, it only played brief fragments of the music for a while, and then went completely silent. "Play using..." worked fine after I cycled its power manually (i.e. put the AVR into standby, turned it on again and waited a little while). Apparently it needs some time after being turned on to fully boot before it can properly render DLNA audio streams. Sad

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I read some post from 2012 that UPnP search would be in soon. But it doesn't look like it's in yet or am I missing something? Smile
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