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VLC vs XBMC video playback...
I run my setup on an i3 Laptop and running a few videos via XBMC runs them at maybe 3 frames a second. Playing the exact same movie via VLC and it runs completely perfect... Anyone have this problem? I find the files tend to be movies that were intended for PS3 playback (4gb limitation)...
Try to disable DXVA2 and everything else in XBMC settings/videos/playback.....
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I refused to watch movie without bitstreaming HD audio!
Yeah, tried that and no change... It is only about 1% of my movies so no big problem...
need debug log (wiki)
Disable the Boblight add-on and see if that helps.
How i disable it... Dunno how it even got there. I check in all the plugins and cant find it. Would it be under a different heading?
Found the boblight addon under services... Disabled it and now the video's work like a charm Smile

Thanks for the help Ned.

Now if i can work out how to disable the PBX...
I seem to be getting a noticeably better picture with VLC. The player with XBMC shows it as "grainy much" and lacks some detail... I tried playing with the setting but cant get the same quality as VLC... Any hints?
Can you post some screen shots to compare the two?
I got it to work just like VLC... The issue was, XBMC uses settings directly from the software on my graphics card (AMD Radeon 6870) where as VLC runs it independently. It took a while, but i worked out a good setting. Thanks for the help.
Turning off hardware video decoding in XBMC should do the same thing.
What the how the f. You have a 6870 and it looks better with hardware video decoding off? Isn't this like having a nuclear reactor and then turning it off and using fire instead?

But no really, is your file 10 bit? Because the only time I have had trouble with XBMC looking like hell is when I try watching a 10 bit file (which it doesn't yet support, though it teases you by letting you think its working).
Is this with the latest Eden beta? I had this exact problem on my i5 Laptop and I found that turning off "Use a fullscreen window rather than true fullscreen" option fixed it.
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Okay, i went from XBMC 12 and then back to XBMC 11 because 12 would not detect all the movies. Now i have my original problem of Jittery Playback... Any way to fix this. I feel i have tried all the settings...

VLC vs XBMC video playback...00