Audio problems on Mac Mini/HDMI
I've looked elsewhere, but I'm sure if this has been covered I'll be notified. Otherwise, can anyone help with this issue that appeared after the Eden update? Before Eden XBMC worked beautifully with my Mac mini plugged into my receiver. It sent dolby digital and all kinds of modes and surround worked great. After the update, without changing any settings, video will not play and does so at around 1 fps with no sound. I saw on here that changing the audio settings to built-in might fix it, but then the video plays normally and my mini's speaker just outputs static. I've tried every combination in the audio settings, hdmi, coax, default audio/ built-in audio with no luck. I have the log saved but did not see an attach option for this post.
use for the debug log and then paste the link in this thread.
Ah so that's how.. I'm not a coder but I know about hardware/software, my mac's audio midi settings are the same/haven't changed. movies play fine and with surround with mplayerx and probably vlc if i hadnt replaced it with mplayerx.
so I glanced over the log and I can see the audio stream errors, but the movie plays fine in other players, and did so on the previous version of xbmc. though it's more likely I'm not interpreting the log right.
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Audio problems on Mac Mini/HDMI00