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Help finding Thumb (Poster) size and position xml setting (list view)
NEON is my favorite skin so far. Great work Stoli! I've been using it for the past year or more and I like using the List view because it gives me a simple list of movies with the movie poster and the fanart in the background.

When I upgraded to Eden RC1 (and a newer version of NEON) it seems that something changed with the List view. The movie posters seem smaller now and the list box is less transparent so it is harder to see the fanart behind it.

I was able to find the proper ContentPanel.png and make it more transparent so now I'm able to see the fanart under the list better. However, I'm stumped trying to find the spot where I can change the size and position of the Thumb (movie poster). I would like the poster to be a bit larger and a little further to the right, but I haven't found the appropriate xml file to modify.

Can anyone point me to the xml file where I can find the thumb (movie poster) sections? I've checked mostly ViewType_List.xml and MyVideoNav.xml and I haven't been able to find a clearly identified section that controls the size and position of the thumb.


To clarify I'm now running the stable release of Eden and the current release of NEON and I've searched the forums for a while without finding an answer to this. And I'm willing to test out different xml settings and change this in multiple places if necessary but I just need a jumping off point.
Ok, I finally found it. In case anyone ever does a search and comes across this, here's the answer. The file names can be a bit misleading.

The list view information is located in ViewType_Files.xml. (probably legacy names carried over)
Also, the ViewType_List and List2.xml are Media View and Media View 2.
Thanks for posting this info, as that's been nagging at me for awhile now as well. Atleast I now have a clue where to look when I "attempt" to fix it myself later.

By chance, would those also contain the data on the list view that is on the movie line, where it shows the IMDB User Rating. I'd love to change it to Movie Length, Rating, or even Year Released.
Regardless, thanks for atleast pointing me in the right direction!
What line did you find the poster size on, I've been tweaking values left and right and not getting anywhere =/
(2012-04-14, 15:13)lakota482 Wrote: What line did you find the poster size on, I've been tweaking values left and right and not getting anywhere =/

Sorry for the late reply. I haven't been on the boards in a while.

The specific lines for poster (thumb / icon) size are 193 and 194. Or you can search for "ListItem.Icon" and modify the width and height value directly above the first instance of it.

I also changed the position of the poster (raising it up and slightly to the left) as well as not forcing the aspect ratio so each poster would shrink or grow to a matching, standard size. There are also some lines that control the mirror effect underneath (which was pretty tricky to figure out). Those are the ones that mention Flipping the Y axis (flipy) and using a Diffuse Mirror texture. I probably don't have the calculations quite right, but I just changed the value until it looked about right.

Here's a snippet of my changes that make the movie poster nice and large with the mirror effect underneath:

Starting at line 186 - The changed lines have a * after them. Remove the * if you use this.
<control type="group">
  <posx>840</posx> *
  <posy>32</posy> *
  <control type="image">
    <width>440</width> *
    <height>630</height> *
    <aspectratio aligny="bottom"></aspectratio> *
    <texture background="true">$INFO[ListItem.Icon]</texture>
    <bordertexture border="8">ThumbShadow.png</bordertexture>
  <control type="image">
    <posy>624</posy> *
    <width>424</width> *
    <height>300</height> *
    <!--<aspectratio aligny="top"></aspectratio>--> *
    <texture diffuse="diffuse_mirror3.png" flipy="true" background="true">$INFO[ListItem.Icon]</texture>

I also changed the size of the fanart so it fills up the remaining room next to the poster, underneath the more transparent list. But it's hard to explain how I did it because the fanart dimensions are defined in a combination of the Includes.xml and MyVideoNav.xml files.

I'll try and explain...

Near line 369 of the Includes file (search for "<!-- Global dimensions -->" in case the file has changed) there is a definition for Dimensions_Fullscreen which the MyVideoNav file uses for displaying the FanArt. If you change the related values it will change the size of the FanArt, but it will also disrupt other parts of the skin that rely on the Dimensions_Fullscreen variable (or definition - whatever you want to call it). To avoid affecting other parts of the skin too much, I added my own Dimensions_FanArt definition above the Dimensions_Fullscreen portion. It looks like this:

<include name="Dimensions_FanArt">

Then, in the MyVideoNav file, I changed the first two instances of Dimensions_Fullscreen to Dimensions_FanArt. I also added a nice diffuse edge (diffuse="Showcase/showcase-diffuse.png") to the fanart by modifying the line right below each of the first two instances of Dimensions_Fullscreen so it looks like this:

<texture background="true" diffuse="Showcase/showcase-diffuse.png">$INFO[Fanart.Image]</texture>

For me, this is nearly the perfect view. It gives a nice, big movie poster, the full fanart (although it is a little bit vertically stretched) and the technical media details at the bottom. I'd like to replace the IMDB rating with a runtime or MPAA rating, but I haven't gotten around to it yet.

Please note that these changes affect the fanart in pretty much all views, including TV Show views.

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