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I've seen posts where a bob deinterlacing option is mentioned. Is this not available in the Windows version, or am I missing something? I installed Eden and there's no bob option as far as I can tell.
Didn't see the context of the message talking about DXVA Bob, but it can be found when playing a video, accessing video settings>deinterlacing 'on' next item is method; DXVA Bob is now a choice in Eden.
The only options I have there are auto, deinterlace, and something like "software".
If you're not using DXVA and hardware acceleration (option in settings), you will not see DXVA Bob in the video OSD
Bob deinterlacing sucks. Hopefully you have a graphics card that can do at least motion adaptive or preferably vector adaptive.
I'll be happy with anything that doubles the framerate.
You need to enable DXVA rendering. Then you will have the DXVA deinterlacing options for all your videos.
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Thanks! I had rendering set to "auto" with hardware acceleration checked, so I thought it would use whatever rendering method produces the highest quality video, but apparently whatever it chose wasn't dxva. When I changed "auto" to dxva, I got the extra deinterlacing options. "DXVA Best" seems to do the best job.
(2012-04-10, 16:12)a11599 Wrote: You need to enable DXVA rendering. Then you will have the DXVA deinterlacing options for all your videos.

I set to DXVA but there are no additional settings under Settings/Video to choose the deinterlacing method... why?
I'm not an expert but I play one at work.
Livin - what build are you using? I'm using a nightly build - nobody else has mentioned their build here, wonder if its been recently introduced - don't remember seeing it in 11.0, but might just have missed it because I wasn't looking for it. Only started digging after StinDaWg queried my set-up for interlaced content.

EDIT - sorry Livin misread your post. That's not where you'll find the options - they're under the OSD while playing a video. They can be amended there and set as default for all movie playback.
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