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No standard ATV 2 icons, XBMC only
After tethered iOS5 jailbreak, only "Home Sharing" and "FireCore" icons appeared. XBMC installed fine, but still none of the "standard" ATV 2 icons (e.g., YouTube, Flickr, Netflix, etc.)??
Make sure your location settings are correct in the original ATV iOS
You mean before I JB it?? And do I need to enable "Home Sharing" with an Apple ID??
I mean right now. Sometimes when you jailbreak or change things it will reset the location information. Certain options, like Netflix, sometimes hide/show based on where you say you are in those settings. That still might not be the issue, but it would be the first thing to check.

You do not need Home Sharing enabled.
Thanks... tried it but it didn't work. I am in Singapore, so maybe it's using the IP to determine location?? So I could understand Netflix or WSJ not working, but with iOS 4.4, Flickr & Youtube were right there on the home screen. StrangeHuh

No standard ATV 2 icons, XBMC only00