video database problems / how to rebuild
I'm recently having the problem that XBMC loses the video library. That is, I'll start XBMC and there will be no items in the video library. I then rescrape all my media and it will be fine for a few days but then I'll lose everything again. It only loses the video library; the music library is fine. I'm running Eden under Windows 7; the database is stored locally and not shared with any other users.

My sources are all still there (i.e., if I go into videos/files there is a list of directories) but if I bring up the context menu for one of the directories there is no content set (i.e., I get the option to set content). As said, I then have to go through each directory and reset the content accordingly and rescrape.

I'm guessing I need to rebuild the video database. Is it enough to delete myvideos60.db from userdata/datatbase or are there other files I need to delete?

I realise I can backup and restore but that doesn't resolve the underlying problem.

Here's my advanced settings in case it matters. I previously had cleanonupdate set to true but just changed it.
       <cleanonupdate>false</cleanonupdate>  <!-- default set to false to prevent xbmc from removing items from the database while updating.  -->
       <hideallitems>true</hideallitems>  <!-- removes the "*All" items from the video library -->
       <hideemptyseries>true</hideemptyseries>  <!-- hide empty series in the video library -->
       <hiderecentlyaddeditems>false</hiderecentlyaddeditems>  <!-- removes the "Recently added ..." items from the video library. -->
       <recentlyaddeditems>35</recentlyaddeditems> <!-- number of recently added items. Defaults to 25 -->
       <flattentvshows>1</flattentvshows> <!-- Flatten TV show seasons, 0=never 1=if one season (default) 2=all -->
       <flattenmoviesets>true</flattenmoviesets> <!-- Flatten movie sets: if true, show all movies inline, false (default) shows sets in movie listings -->
Quote:I previously had cleanonupdate set to true

That'll be it - your network likely isn't up/connected when the initial update on startup you have set runs, thus it cleans it all out.
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