Adding Favorite on Sub menu problem
First off, great skin! I love it!

I am having a problem with a Favorite, and I'm not sure whether it is an XBMC issue or a MQ3 issue.

I have created a custom Favorites menu item. Under that, I have created sub-menu favorites.

sub-menu: Kids
sub-menu: Movies
sub-menu: Video Add-Ons

Kids is located at K:\Kids
Movies is located at M:\Movies and K:\Movies

I have created/added all three items as favorites (Kids, Movies, Video Add-Ons). Movies and Video Add-Ons work fine. When I go to Kids, I get a screen showing a blank information screen. If try the Kids favorite under Videos, it works just fine.

Any clue as to what it could be? It is almost as if it is looking for a playlist instead of the favorite to the directory. All media is connected via USB. I have uninstalled/reinstalled XBMC twice to no avail. Running Eden 11.0 final. I attached some pictures to help explain. The 2nd one is the Kids link that isn't working.

i have the same problem with Eden final + Neon 2.51. I hope someone has a solution.
It's not skin related as i know. You may try creating a smart playlist for kids and add to favourites.
Same issue here. Used to work perfectly.
Plus one in here. Got broken recently. Before was working fine...
Same problem here, very irritating that aeon nox has updated itself.
In 2.0 all worked fine, cannot get back to 2.0 either.

Is there a fix for the folders as favorites so it works again ?

Yes there is, but as i already said, it's not a skin related problem!
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