iPhone/iPod Touch - Creating a new skin for iPhone / iPod and iPad
Hello community. I just installed XBMC on my iPhone and although I love it, I have to say that my thick fingers cannot stand the default touch skin. I have also heard others complaining about it (I feel you, my sausage-fingered brothers). I am a web and application designer with a specialization on usability, unfortunately I have no XBMC skinning experience and I'm really too busy to start learning now.

I was thinking that we could bring together a small team and create a new skin for iOS, that would work well on both the iPhone and the iPad (or create two versions). I could handle the user experience and design easily, I will need some skinning pros though to code the skin and help me make a list of requirements (UI pages etc). I already have the basic idea and I think it would be really nice.

Anyone interested, post a comment and we will see what we can and can't do. It would also be great if the creator(s) of the default touch skin took part in this project, their experience on touch skin development would be a huge help.

Let's make something extraordinary!

As the creator of the the current one I just want to say its not designed to work on a iPhone/iPod I don't have one so cant test it. The smallest its meant for is the 10 inch iPad and it works fine on that. And if you think this is bad you should of tried to use it on a small screen before I did it Smile

That being said I wish you the best of luck because variety is the spice of life
So why don't you join me in making a new one for the iPhone? Wink
Mostly because I do so freaking much already (about six skins) and I have no platform on which to test it which makes it real hard to tell if it actually "works" or just looks pretty
Fair enough. When you have time, I have the testing platform Smile
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