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[REQUEST]: 11.0 Eden Full-Text Rss news reader?
[REQUEST] Full-Text Rss news reader for 11.0 Eden?

Full-Function / Full-Text Rss Feeds reader,
No !! I am not talking about the RSS scrolling news ticker that can ONLY show the RSS title header !!,

Function REQUEST:
-addon within XBMC
-Full-Text Rss Feeds reader
-Able to change the font size for the news feed body text
-Show the picture attached picture ( if possible)
-3 panels (MS Outlook style) news reader,Feed Group on the left , Title on Upper half panel, Full Text Body on lower half panel ( if possible)
-able to use simple control on remote (Up, Down, Left, Right, Back)
-Able to edit the RSS feed in a simple xml file
-Or link with Google Reader (RSS reader)

Any Help
No one have need for Full-Text Rss news reader for 11.0 Eden?
If your making it I will be more then happy to use it.. I think it would be a nice
plugin personally.
In a world without walls and fences who needs windows and gates, open source, opens minds, so open yours today.

This would be very useful for sure.
I am playing around with feeds myself right now and trying to make the text sizes abit bigger.
Just to let you guys know:
I find some old (not developed specifically for Eden 11.0) call "rssclient"

Not quite finished ( a lot of features still missing)
-My No 1 Problem:" The "Font Size" for the feed content is too SMALL,
Can anyone how to edit the Font Size" for the feed content ?

-My No 2 Problem: How do I add my own rss feeds ?
any help ? any one ?
thanks for pointing me to this addon.
To add your own feed:
1) Go up or down to go to the left channel list
2) once there, press left and a new option menu shows up from the left

You can add your feed by going to "edit feeds"

There's no option for the font size...
Is there any way we can edit the
file so we can change the Feed font size , it is so small which is useless to read on my HDTV !!!
I just installed the RSS Client and also are wery interested in a RSS Client that can display some more information than just the header. The RSS Client seems fine besides the small text and lack of pictures. Anyone knows how to fix this?
Or did anyone figured out how to get the text size bigger?

Yes, I find a way to edit the text size , but still have some Qs
get it here:
anyone figured out how tochange text size ? like 20 ?

[REQUEST]: 11.0 Eden Full-Text Rss news reader?00