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Advice on upgrading setup
First of all thank you everyone on this site who contributes so much information for little or no reward!

I've been an XBMC convert for almost a year now and feel I have outgrown my basic setup and feel a bit confused as to what I should do next.

Currently I have an apple tv2 playing content stored on a time capsule device wirelessly. This was all well and good up to now but I am quickly running out of storage and have no real backup. plus the ATV will not display 1080 and is a bit slow to respond to anything these days.

I have three options and am hoping somebody has been in a similar situation before and can tell me the best way to do this

1. Build a server using the guides here and continue using the ATV2
2. Build a new HTPC and continue using the Timecapsule
3. Build a combination of both in one box (will be stored in a room behind the TV so noise should not be a problem)

Unfortunately I can't do 1 and 2 together at the same time but is it recommended to get one in place before the other? I've heard option 3 can be a bad idea also but I'm not sure exactly why.

Many ere like to keep their media separate for a number of reasons. In a multiple client setup, I think it's just about necessary. I like small low power clients at each TV.

Generally, noise and heat are the two problems with a HTPC.

I have found many ore uses than storage for my file server, I cant live without one. It's tough to convince anyone to build that first though. Everyone seems to want the client first. Seeing XBMC up on the big screen is the goal.

Since you have a client, I would build the server now. True, it won't get you much, but I don't think you're missing much with the ATV2. 1080p isnt all that different/better that 720p for most situations IMHO. If you're going o a projector a 80" or something sure. I'd say 42" and less it's not that big of a deal.

Once you have the server and everything else humming along, you have a whole new set of choices on the client end since ou won't need a huge power supply or a large case to hold all your drives.

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