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Windows - XBMC Poor Colors Via VGA
Hey Guys, I have an issue with colors on XBMC. Here is my setup.

Windows XP machine -> Audio Authoirty 1366 Scaler/Converter -> Sony AVR Receiver -> Panasonic Plasma.

I was noticing very poor coloring on XBMC since switching off of DVI and using component and I thought the Scaler/Converter was the culprit. I was able to sit down and take about an hour to calibrate and everything looks good.......when viewing the desktop..... As soon as I open XBMC my colors go slightly "wonky". Black is no longer black.... it is greenish/grey and the contrast is terrible...... I got out of XBMC and loaded up an mkv to play in VLC and noticed it looked bad too. I then loaded that same MKV in Media player classic and it looks GREAT!

Something is wrong here. I did a side by side with VLC and media player classic and VLC looks like the quality of XBMC but Media player classic looks correct. Black is black and the colors are vibrant.

Can someone help me figure out what is causing XBMC to have such poor coloring.....similar to VLC?

Here is a picture of VLC vs MPC

XBMC menus and Video look like the VLC screenshot :\
Another Update.....

In VLC, there is an option under Video Settings called

"Use Hardware YUV-RGB Conversion" was enabled by default.

When I unchecked that and reopened the video, VLC is now fixed.

So now I guess I need to determine if there is a way to disable that or a similar feature in XBMC?
OK guys, I am convinced the issue is some sort of YUV-RGB conversion.

After doing a lot of research, it seems like XBMC is using Direct3D for everything?

Perhaps Direct3D is doing this conversion which I do not know how to disable. If I could disable it then I think the issue will be fixed.

I can confirm 100% that disabling that conversion in VLC does fix the problem.

Any suggestions?
so.........another update.

I was convinced that was the issue... then today I must have done something different.

I opened the movie in VLC first, before opening the movie simultaneously in MPC. What I found is MPC now had the incorrect coloring.

Any ideas now?
I don't know the answer to your questions. Perhaps you could do some controlled tests and post the xbmc debug logs. Maybe like this?

Test1: open the video In xbmc first, exit xbmc and save the debug log someplace safe, then open with vlc and visually confirm the differences.

Test2: open the video in vlc first, exit vlc, then open the same video with xbmc, notice the visual difference and exit.

3) post your xbmc logs 1 and 2. Maybe that can provide a clue to the devs?

XBMC Poor Colors Via VGA00