(STICKY) No Sound

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I don't know if anyone else experienced this problem after installing Eden version, but i had this problem and found a way to solve it...

1: Uninstall XBMC completely, even user data ,, I know what your saying but with all the updates.. something in there must be causing this...
2: Re download a fresh copy of EDEN.... Install it..
3: You wan to get the "Cine-Passion" repo installer plugin.... once you have this and use this to install all the repo's that you could possibly want..

I'm not an expert but if someone wants to write a sticky for this.. You may just trying to help out...Letting everyone know what i did to get my sound back...
Didn't have to change any settings, Worked the right after i re-installed everything...

Thank you XBMC team for making xbmc what it is today..... and also you to Cine-Passion for the one stop download for the plugin....

P.S. Is there a way to add plugins to a zip file. Why i ask that there are just a few plugins that arn't in the Cine-Passion repo i would like to put .

in one zip file to just install one zip file instead of 3 others...

It still works... Cine-passion makes my job a whole lot easier....


Hope this helps someone out there... Not very good at writing a guide... Sorry about that..
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