Is a 3 minute boot from a class 10 sd too slow?
(2012-04-08, 06:03)FishOil Wrote: Normal for SD

Dang - I guess I should'nt have been cheap..., and shelled out for an ssd Smile

(2012-04-08, 08:54)vikjon0 Wrote: ssh login is extremly slow when reverse dns is not possible in the network. I was never abable to fix the problem but when quickfixed it was instant ( I think I just added the laptop to the host file but not sure).

Thanks, that fixed it, reduced login from a couple of seconds to almost instant.

(2012-04-08, 08:54)vikjon0 Wrote: I guess the boot is normal then but if it looks like it hangs for minutes before the boot splash it is the grub2 bug you can get when booting from USB with another disk available.

I think you're right, there is a blank screen for a least a minute after selecting an option in grub, before any life (or splashscreen).
Once the splashscreen comes up - it takes about 2 mins to complete.
I had turned off the ide controller in the bios, but it might still be probed..
I'll have a look at downgrading grub.., or just crack open the case and remove the drive

Thanks for your help Smile

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