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Tapatalk: Editing post unsubscribes from thread
I've found that editing posts via tapatalk causes the user to be unsubscribed from the thread. I'm the developer of the Forum Browser addon and the behavior occurs both in the addon and in the mobile app. I think I've found the cause in the Tapatalk plugin source. Below you will see that the plugin sets the subscription method to "" and the MyBB post handling code then deletes the thread. The forums code would normally set this value based on the checkboxes in the post form. It seems like a fix would to be to set "subscriptionmethod" to "none" in the Tapatalk plugin code. I'm not exactly a php expert but I think I've followed the code correctly.

Edit: I also reported this issue in the Tapatalk forums.

mobiquo/include/save_raw_post.php -> function save_raw_post_func()

// Set up the post options from the input.
    $post['options'] = array(
        "signature" => 1,
        "subscriptionmethod" => "",
        "disablesmilies" => 0

_mybbpath_/inc/datahandlers/post.php -> function update_post()

// Automatic subscription to the thread
        if($post['options']['subscriptionmethod'] != "" && $post['uid'] > 0)
                case "instant":
                    $notification = 1;
                    $notification = 0;
            require_once MYBB_ROOT."inc/functions_user.php";
            add_subscribed_thread($post['tid'], $notification, $post['uid']);
            $db->delete_query("threadsubscriptions", "uid='".intval($post['uid'])."' AND tid='".intval($post['tid'])."'");
Got this response from Jayeley at Tapatalk:

"Confirmed the problem and fixed it. The fix should be included in next plugin release. Thanks. "

That was quick. But if someone could edit this forum's plugin manually it would probably be helpful to tapatalk users until the fix is available Smile
thanks for reporting - will see if I can grab current dev version of tapatalk or apply the patch if not possible

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