Using VGA Splitter, h.264 Streaming Give Blank Screen
I've about had it trying to find an answer for this issue, so I'm left having to post and hope...

I have a Allurtek VGA splitter I purchased from Amazon to use my Ubuntu 11.04 based desktop PC to drive both eMachines monitor and TV. I'm going to have to tweak with settings later because the EDID's aren't recognized. So that's problem #1.

Problem #2 is the one that has me so vexed: When I attempt to stream h.264 video (MLBMC, Hulu, ESPN for example), all I get is a blank screen. I can't find any answers to why this would be or how to overcome the problem. I'm assuming its related to the splitting of the VGA signal, but why would other aspects work--such as viewing a file saved on hard drive--but the streaming won't work with the splitter?
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Using VGA Splitter, h.264 Streaming Give Blank Screen00
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