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Love the Aeon skin but...
I have my movies organized in folders a specific way by Genre I can easily find them in. However, this skin doesn't have the ability to view in non-library mode to view movies in my structure. I don't need the 15 Genre's that there are, and it's confusing when movies like Kangaroo Jack and Paul Blart Mall Cop are in the "Action" Genre.

Is there a way for me to view my movies without library mode?
You could create 3 menu items each with 5 of your genres as submenu smart playlists.. a bit fudgy I know but all that springs to mind at the minute.
I think the workaround is playlists. Didn't cross my mind, but they work just as well. I also seperated the childrens movies from the others, so that should work well.

A smart playlist won't help much with movies that are mis-tagged as action movies. This is being set by whatever you are scraping your movies with. To fix that you would need to manually change the genres.

Love the Aeon skin but...00