Mac OS X - Sound problem
Using Macbook OSX Lion, XBMC Eden.

9 out of 10 times when I play a video in XBMC, the sound would come out distorted with hissing noise. Please see the following logs and help me decipher the problem. Thanks!

Your debug xbmc.log:
Your XBMC crashlog:
Is this coming directly from the macbook, or is it hooked up to a TV and/or receiver?
A few more strange occurrences that I have observed with this build, all audio related.

Normally when I connect my macbook to a TV with audio being output via the 3.5mm port to optical, the volume control on the macbook itself would be disabled. But whenever XBMC is on, the laptop will regain control of the 3 volume keys.

I would only get sound (be it the hiss static noise described in OP, or regular audio) with the first video played in XBMC. Subsequent videos and the entire XBMC interface will be muted after that, unless the program is restarted.

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