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Bad default audio track selection in Eden
I have a huge problem is that the “audio track selection” logic that has been changed.
Now, XBMC tries to intelligently pick the best audio track … only it’s not very intelligent.
I have a ton of files with a 5.1 AAC track first, followed by foreign language AC3 tracks … and now it always defaults to play the AC3 track!
It ignores the fact that the AAC track has the same number of channels, and it completely ignores the language tag in the tracks (MP4).

Is there any way to make XBMC default to playing the first audio track for all files?

I should add I suspect it has to do with this change:
Hi, I have the same problem. They are any parameter to desactivate this "feature".


P.S. Sorry, english is not my first language.
It looks like there is some activity on this issue here:

Bad default audio track selection in Eden00