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Windows - XBMC crashes on start
Well I searched for the solution for hours, didn't find any.
My problem is like this:
I have an old desktop computer, I installed WinXP on it last night and installed XBMC today. Now everything is fine except when I click to start XBMC, it flashes black screen and disappears.
The log can be found here:
And it seems to produce a crashlog as well, which is just encoded or something - just raw data:

That computer is relatively old and here are his specs:
CPU: 933MHz intel pentium 3
RAM: 512MB
GFX: 32MB nVidia GeForce 2 MX
HDD: Samsung something 40GB
OS: WinXP professional SP3

DXDIAG shows that D3D is available and enabled, DirectX is 9.0c. I didn't write any drivers when I installed the system, because Windows recognized everything itself.

I am using the latest XMBC for windows (v11)

Thanks for the help Smile
Create an advancedsettings.xml file and set the log level to 1 or higher. Then start XBMC and grab that log and post it.

The file should look like below.
    <loglevel hide="false">2</loglevel>
Put this in your userdata folder.
Read this before using these builds.
Thanks for the reply but version 10 seems to work fine, so I'll stick to that.
I tried with advanced debugging by the way, I didn't notice anything that would stand out. No errors or anything, just notices...
Eden seems intolerant of old GPUs. It crashes even with series 6 NVIDIA cards, so I'm not surprised it gives problems with a GeForce2 MX. I know someone was looking at this, but I can't remember how far they got.

I hope this gets resolved some time soon... v11 is much better than v10.
We need some good debug logs to be able to do anything about it.
Read this before using these builds.
Same issue..

Windows 7 64bit
Radeon HD 3800 (a bit older card, new drivers though, march 2012)
Not using MySQL but am sharing db & thumbnails via symlinks on dropbox. dropbox sync disabled before upgrade.

Didn't have any problems with this setup on the previous version. Didn't try any RC's

Log level 2 (grepped out all video dirs from the log fyi):
Same issue... back to v10...

XBMC crashes on start51