Dual Duty PC XBMC & NAS
I'm planning to build my first HTPC/NAS.
Let me explain.
I want a system which runs XBMC while also acting as a fully fledged NAS(serving files to other computers, accessible through the internet).
I want low-power file-server when the TV is turned off and when the TV is turned on it is also a fully fledge XBMC box.
I would like to use a Linux based OS (Rock Solid Stability), either ubuntu with NAS software and XBMC over it or XBMcbuntu with NAS software running in background.
The main problem is that I' can't find the proper CPU/IGP combo to make this work.
Thanks in advance.
AMD E-450
might want to look into the HP Microserver, that may fit your needs also
newegg is running a deal on the N40L microserver + 2tb drive for $290

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Dual Duty PC XBMC & NAS00