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AppleTV 2 (black) - Stream Torrent

Is there any way to play stream torrent links?


Today API posted
Sorry, Russian only
English Translation:

At the request of our users ( Torrent Stream ), and based on the results of the survey and the number of display themes that we saw on this forum ( play online torrents in XBMC ), we have prepared and released a modified version of XBMC, which is integrated with the engine Torrent Stream, which lets you play torrents online, just like any other video and audio files. Download: XBMC for Windows (build from Torrent Stream) How to use: 1. Download provided by our version and install it. Note: If you have already installed the original version of XBMC, then it must be removed before our set. 2. You must have installed the engine TS Engine (bgprocess), version 1.0.5. Being in the assembly VLC 1.1.12 + TS P2P Multimedia Plug-In 1.0.5. If you do not have it installed, you will find and download it, click here: Test! VLC 1.1.12 + TS P2P Multimedia Plug-In 1.0.5 Alpha After the above steps, you can throw in a torrent XBMC, as well as conventional video or audio files to PS We do not plan to do yourself and develop a modification of XBMC, constantly releasing its own assembly how we do it with VLC. This modification is made ​​by us on the eve of release of our API engine (TS Engine), to demonstrate the possibility of easy integration with products like the example of XBMC. We are very nraitsya XBMC, and we are pleased to present to all interested developers the source code of this assembly, as well as render necessary advice to all who want to develop this functionality to XBMC. XBMC - the world's first media center, which has the ability to play torrents online, without waiting for downloads! And later can still get full support in obtaining P2P streams from any videohostigov such as YouTube; Vimeo, etc., as well as the function of P2P Live Streaming, via BitTorrent, which enables you to watch without plugging live broadcast in 720p format, and 1080p. But it is now only depends on the developer XBMC, since all of the tools we have for this offer. For developers: source code made ​​modifications to our code of XBMC (git :/ / / xbmc / xbmc.git), included: patch to commit dbf9263becec1bc7049ad14e86a09308e1553ad9 Download: 0001-torrentstream.patch This is the original version, which we repelled: We seem to have used the audit dbf926 on February 16, 2012, this should be seen in this archive (first 6 characters Comita?) This is what happened after the introduction of our changes: Well, draft version of TS Engine API Reference for Download: tsengine_api.txt (with questions and suggestions on the API, here TS Engine API

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