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Meta scraper for mp4

I recently just started using XBMC and its great, slowly figuring it all out. I convert all my TV and Movies into mp4 format and used to tag a cover manually to the mp4 file to prevent less clutter to my filing system with folders and images etc.

XBMC has some default addons already that can scrape meta info for TV and Movies and stores them onto .nfo etc. Is there a way or another addon or a program that can scrape the meta data and save it directly to the mp4 file for each movie and tv episode?

I've been using MetaX but that program is not too good as I only get results from Amazon and not very good results at that. There are a few other programs but unfortunately they're all for Macs.

Thanks for any help, hope it is possible for XBMC to write meta data directly to mp4, would save me soo much work.
Yes I'm on the hunt for something similar. The best solution would be to use XBMC (media browser or other) as is to config all the metadata externally, then when you are happy all meta-data is present and correct, run a program that reads all the meta-data from the xbmc library and embeds it in files that support it, starting with mp4/m4v.

This reduces the requirement to a program that simply needs to read the info from the existing xbmc db and embed it. Anything like this exists on PC already? If not I may have to write it? Sad but little time
Well the xbmc thumbnails use a CR32 hash so it's easy to link a video to it's xbmc thumbnail, then using something like atomic parsley a command line tool to embed the art. I could probably write it in a day, as all the grunt is taken care of by xbmc/atomicP just dunno when that day will be available.

I'm thinking specifically that you provide a root path (with an xbmc alias for calc'ing CR32 as may be different) then program locates xbmc thumbs for all movies and invokes Atomic Parsely to embed the art, seems very simple. Has something like this been done already though?

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