Win -  How to create a playlist of favourites (a channels list from rtmpgui+)
i would like to create a playlist using some of my favourites,
i'm using rtmpgui+ from wich i can set single channel as favourite.
the goal will be to create a list of my favourites channel. anyone have a idea to do this?

[ADD.] Nod

my wish is to have a tab in the mediabar from wich i can see my favourite channels from all the plug-in list.
i use often italian, franch and sports channels and i have to go a lot around the list of rtmpgi+.
no one can help me?
Not sure what exactly you are asking. You should be able to do this using STRM (wiki) files, and those can both be favorites and playlist items.
i would, using a playlist , a list of favourites channels from the rtpmgui+ plugin. but now i know that using superTV the evolution of rtpmgui i can menage the favourite as i want.
thank you
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How to create a playlist of favourites (a channels list from rtmpgui+)00