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AppleTV 1 (silver) - How do i ajust the clock?
Hi there
I have got hold in a ATV gen. 1 and got aTV Flash on it.

One thing thats bothers me is that is 2 hour behind and i cant ajust it.

I have changed language to Danish, in the settings in XBMC but i can not change the region.

Does anyone have a clue to this?

Best regards
set you timezone in the aplletv2 settings - outside of xbmc...
AppleTV4/iPhone/iPod/iPad: HowTo find debug logs and everything else which the devs like so much: click here
HowTo setup NFS for Kodi: NFS (wiki)
HowTo configure avahi (zeroconf): Avahi_Zeroconf (wiki)
Well, now, as the headline says, i have a ATV 1, but at last i found some timezone settings in Nito and now the problem are fixet.
(2012-04-09, 14:31)larzendk Wrote: Well, now, as the headline says, i have a ATV 1, but at last i found some timezone settings in Nito and now the problem are fixet.

For future reference, ATV1 doesn't run iOS, which is the forum you posted in (ATV2 does). You'll want to post in the MacOS forum next time, which deals with the ATV1.
Sorry, didn't know that, but that explain why i can't find so much about ATV1 in this subforum. My mistake, i am new to this Apple and Mac stuf.

Best regards
You might want to check out the Broadcom Crystal HD (wiki) card for your Apple TV 1. It replaces the internal wifi chip, and in exchange allows the ATV1 to playback just about any format in HD without any stutter or frame drops. Turns the 'ol Apple TV into a beast.
I have installed a BC HD card in it, but i still got a lot of buffering. As far as i can see/read i is a network problem. I use a WIFI bridge to cable so i dont have to put cabels all over the house.
I would highly recommend you run XBMC for the ATV1 off a USB stick using Crystalbuntu (linux) from Sam Nazarko if you already have the BC HD card.
I persisted for a couple of years using the OSX XBMC on the ATV1 and it always had niggling problems with playback.

Sam's Crystalbuntu runs nearly flawlessly and the biggest selling point is its now easy as to install, auto updates, does airtunes, airplay, runs 60fps in 1080p as opposed to 30fps in 720p and is much quicker, smoother and fluid in its playback.

Download the Windows USB installer here:

Details here:

I would also recommend you use at least an 8GB USB stick, this can be repartitioned after initial install.

Enjoy. Big Grin

Mac install instructions at: Crystalbuntu (wiki)
Thanks wrxtasy

It is not the playback that is my biggest problem, but a lot of buffering.
Can Crystalbuntu handle this better?

I am using a WIFI to cable converter because i dont want to put cables all over the house.

Best regards
Probably your WiFi dongle is not 802.11n
Nope, it's G
(2012-04-17, 09:25)larzendk Wrote: Nope, it's G

G doesn't cut the mustard for most HD videos (and even some SD videos).

How do i ajust the clock?00