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You will be able to get DTS and Dolby 5.1 via HDMI because those two formats only utilize two channels. The HD codecs such as DTS-HD and TrueHD require more than two channels. fglrx and OSS drivers on Linux only implement 2 channels via HDMI on ALSA. Supposedly they need additional information from AMD regarding how to get > 2 channels to work but AMD is caught up in constant legal red tape.

I ran an ATI card at first with AE and got constant errors that ALSA could not open the required number of channels for HD codecs. My research to date is that ATI based cards still cannot passthrough > 2 channel audio. You can, however, use ffmpeg to decode the audio first and then output via PCM to your receiver. Not the best situation but it will work. I ended up just switching to an nVidia card. ...

@wingrun21 - thanks for coming back to my issue #184 on Openelec. I had figured as much that no more than two channels were being passed over HDMI on my ATI GPU and that I'd have to wait on AMD to release some driver improvements. I'll probably just stick with Windows for the moment as the motherboard supports multichannel and HD audio just fine in that environment.

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