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Please don't decide what parts of logs are important and cut them out, almost every clip from logs pasted in here has been utterly useless as they are missing additional information I require to track these problems down. Debug information is included for a reason, we don't put it in there just to waste space.

Post a FULL log via a service such as pastebin if you want help.

Regarding broken playback of various formats, please pull my latest changes as of now, there has been a stack of fixes go in that should correct the problems. Also a long outstanding buffer delay calculation bug has been fixed which should correct most of the audio discontinuity errors people have been experiencing.

@negge - Please notice that those entries about AE_FMT_FLOAT are "INFO" lines, they are not an error or warning, the behaviour is correct. AE internally operates in AE_FMT_FLOAT and tries to open your output device in AE_FMT_FLOAT first. The enumerated format list on start-up is not used yet.
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