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(2012-05-06, 19:36)elite1967 Wrote: Hi all,
been testing this version and must say that everything seems to be working very well.
DTS-HD-MA, DTS-HR, Dolby TrueHD, and all other formats are working fine through HDMI to my receiver.

I found two issues that cannot solve:

1) DVD playback crashes XBMC
2) JSON is not working

More in detail:
1) I have several DVDs both in folder and in .iso. If I start playing back a DVD it goes to the menu and then when I press "PLAY MOVIE" XBMC crashes.
Single .vob files play fine, so I assume it's something to do with the MENU interpreter, or something like that.

2) Since the installation of this version I haven't been able to connect using JSON.RPC. Port 9777 and 9090 are open and listening. Eror message in the log file is "ERROR: JSONRPC Server: Failed to connect to sdpd"

Attached is the log file in debug mode when I open a DVD and in the DVD Menu I select "PLAY MOVIE". Immediately after that there is a crash.

Thanks for helping.

Ubuntu 11.04
nVidia GT430 - driver 290
xbmc AE version: 15/04/2012

Sorry for gently bumping this message, but is anyone else having this problem? or it's just me?

Is the log file helpful to understand the issues?

Any help would be appreciated.


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