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(2012-05-23, 18:32)wingrunr21 Wrote:
(2012-05-22, 21:18)Red_F Wrote: It looks like there is some sort of a race condition going on between several initialisation threads (as far as I can tell).

Building and running on Ubuntu 12.04, built after ./configure --disable-debug.

XBMC will randomly have audio or not. Testing by starting XBMC from the command line, opening an episode of The Big Bang Theory, stopping and exiting XBMC.

20:57 See pastebin, audio works fine.
20:58 See pastebin, no audio.

Switching on debug logging using the settings menu will lead to successful audio every start. The extra time needed for the additional logging seems to prevent the problem from happening.... A bad thing as this means that I can not provide any detailed info. Nevertheless I hope these observations are helpful in some way.

ubuntu 12.04, Virtualbox

It looks like your AE install isn't enumerating ALSA devices at all when the audio doesn't work. Can you post a log with DEBUG turned on?

As I said, debug logging seems to change timing. But after a gazillion attempts, surprise, I managed to launch XBMC with debug enabled and failing audio. Here is the (verbose) debug log:
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