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(2012-05-24, 16:19)furii Wrote:
(2012-05-24, 15:57)robo989 Wrote: No it's the core that is getting decoded to PCM. There is no free decoder for DTS-MA, there is for TrueHD, which it why you are getting what you are.

well that's certainly disappointing, though not surprising. too bad 90% of blurays come with dts-hd. thanks for the info.

The main aim for "audioengine" in this context is the ability to bitstream the lossless track for decoding in your receiver, nearly all receivers these days can decode TrueHD and DTS-MA even the ones at the cheaper end.

Your other option would be to use something like eac3to and convert the DTS-MA to FLAC which would give you a bit perfect audio track and mux that into an MKV with the video stream along with any subs\additional audio tracks etc.To do that is quite simple but obviously it wouldn't work for playing a bluray and you also need the Arcsoft DTS decoder that eac3to interfaces with for a bit perfect decode.
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