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Well I installed a fresh 12.04 Ubuntu, cloned the git master, and compiled. alsa-base is at 1.0.25 and kernel is 3.2. nvidia-current is installed and is at 295.40. First I configured and compiled without VDPAU. Sound worked and the audio output was recognized correctly. It even called it by the name of my TV as read from the ELD. Pretty impressive. Anyway, my sound worked but when I played HD video the framerate slowed at times as is expected with VDPAU disabled and decoding H264 on an Intel Atom CPU. I then decided to get daring and reconfigured with VDPAU enabled. After another make I verified VDPAU was indeed compiled in and enabled and I then played back the same HD movie. Audio worked, VDPAU worked, awesome frame rate with no segfaults. So it looks like the 295.40 worked for me on my GT218 using 12.04 Ubuntu built from a minimal net install with a git pull from just a couple hours ago. Success!

My wife then stole the TV so if after further testing I see the 295.40 gets buggy I'll post again.
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