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I have some additional Intel-related information for you guys:

In theory, both Intel graphics cards (Sandy Bridge and newer) and the Intel Linux drivers are capable of supporting passthrough of HD audio (HBR). The Intel driver even reports the capabilities of a connected amp correctly, including Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD. There is one issue though: it does not work. This is not XBMC's fault, it is due to a bug in the Intel driver.

Status for Intel Sandy Bridge (and newer):
  • PCM 2.0 works
  • Dolby Digital/DTS passthrough works
  • 8 channel PCM works
  • TrueHD passthrough does not work (can be worked around by disabling "TrueHD" receiver feature in XBMC and having XBMC decode TrueHD to 8-channel PCM)
  • DTS-HD passthrough does not work (no workaround, you'll have to disable "DTS-HD" in XBMC and only get the DTS core)

If you want to have this changed please complain to the Intel driver developers about broken HBR support through their mailing list. There also already is a bug report about this, so if you have any helpful information you may add it there.

@wingrunr21: It would be nice if you could add some Intel-related information to the first post.

- direx
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